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Leading brand known for its premium dog chew toys. Crafted from durable nylon, our products are designed to provide long-lasting entertainment and satisfy a dog's natural chewing instincts. Choose Benebone for high-quality and engaging toys that dogs love.

Benebone began with the notion that pet parents want the best for their dogs.

"Pet store aisles made us dizzy with neon colors and squeaks, much of it made overseas.  We started fresh, understanding that dogs experience the world uniquely.  So we zeroed in on things that dogs really dig.

Our flagship product came out of a few basics:  Dogs love real flavor, push durability to the limit, and don’t have thumbs. So we used real bacon in a quality USA-made durable chew designed for a paw-friendly grip.  By focusing on the basics and sweating the details, we knew we were onto something.

But what really gets us going is the community around dogs. Dogs bring our guard down — just chat it up with somebody walking a dog and you’ll get the vibe. We are friendlier, more approachable and empathetic in the presence of dogs. We foster that vibe through events, philanthropy, and developing deep relationships with our fan base."

“Bene” is a Latin prefix meaning “well.”
It’s more than our name – it’s a reminder of our guiding principles. And remember, Stay Playful

Brand's Dogma

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Discover Benebone Best Designs! 

Our flagship products are durable chew toys made of super-strong nylon and real flavors. We make and source everything in the USA.

There’s more to us than the world’s best chew toys.

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