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High-performance dog toys and accessories. From durable ball launchers to interactive fetch toys, Chuckit products are designed to enhance playtime and provide fun and exercise for dogs of all sizes. Choose Chuckit for active and engaging playtime with your furry friend.

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Julius-K9 derives its name from a combination of "Julius" and "K9." The name "Julius" represents the German version of Sebő Gyula's Christian name, who is one of the owners and inventors of the products. As for "K9," it holds dual significance. Firstly, Julius Sebő's first dog was acquired at 9 Kele Street, which holds personal meaning. Secondly, the company's initial location in Vienna had the address Langobarden Str. 9.

Julius, the driving force behind the brand, has dedicated his life to innovating pet welfare. He believes that dog ownership entails caring and assuming responsibility, as dogs bring immense joy to our lives. Recognizing the increasing value of quality time spent with pets, Julius-K9 identified the necessity of designing gear that enables owners to maximize their bonding experiences with their dogs. This vision gave birth to the dog harness, carrying the message: "Go together. And do so every day." This principle represents the pioneering lifestyle embraced by Julius-K9 with their flagship product, the Powerharness.

The messages featured on Julius-K9's harnesses have reached millions of individuals globally. Through their interchangeable custom patches, they have opened up a previously unexplored channel of communication between dogs and society. These messages have traveled across the world, drawing attention to the vital role dogs play in both families and society at large.

Julius-K9 places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices, beginning with the use of European materials and the employment of European labor in their high-quality production processes. They firmly believe that by maintaining control over the production of textiles, straps, metal, and plastic components, they can offer dogs products that will endure a lifetime, while also promoting environmental consciousness.

Overall, Julius-K9 is a brand rooted in the passion and dedication of Julius Sebő, committed to innovating pet welfare through their thoughtfully designed products and their advocacy for the importance of dogs in our lives and society.

Julius K9
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K9® Powerharness

The Julius K9 Powerharness is a robust and ergonomic dog harness designed for control and comfort. It features adjustable straps for a secure fit, reflective elements for enhanced visibility, and a sturdy handle for better control. Made with durable materials, this harness ensures long-lasting performance in various conditions, making it a popular choice among dog owners and trainers.

IDC® Powair harness

The IDC®Powair harness by JULIUS-K9® is a lightweight and breathable option designed for optimal airflow. Made from 3D mesh fabric, it ensures comfort for your dog. The harness efficiently transmits power from the leash to provide better control with less effort. It features a sturdy handle for added control and can be easily fitted with a single click. The harness distributes power evenly to the chest, is customizable with patches, and comes with a tested inner lining. With over 25 years of experience in harness development, JULIUS-K9® ensures scientific comfort and reliable quality.

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IDC® Powerharness.png

IDC® Powerharness

The IDC® Powerharness by JULIUS-K9® is a durable and comfortable dog harness. With adjustable straps and a padded chest plate, it provides efficient control and even pressure distribution. It features reflective elements for enhanced visibility and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your dog perfectly.

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