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Top notch brand that specializes in ergonomic dog carrier backpacks. Designed for adventure and outdoor activities, their innovative products ensure comfort and safety for both dogs and owners. Choose K9 Sport Sack for convenient and stylish solutions for carrying your furry friend on your adventures.

It all started when we found a puppy in a dumpster...

The story of K9 Sport Sack began when a puppy was found in a dumpster by Jen's younger sister. Reluctantly, Jen and her partner took in the puppy named Daisy. As avid bike riders, they wanted Daisy to join them, but none of the existing dog carriers were suitable. After numerous failed attempts, they used a simple drawstring bag, which inspired Jen to create their own carrier. The homemade carrier met their standards and became the prototype for the K9 Sport Sack.

Unexpectedly, they received inquiries from others interested in their carrier while riding with Daisy. Encouraged by the positive response, they produced a small run of bags and sold out quickly at a pet show. Over the years, K9 Sport Sack evolved based on customer feedback, becoming a versatile and interactive pet carrier. Their goal is to give back to the pet owner community.

Today, K9 Sport Sack continues to provide a way for people to take their best friend everywhere, embracing the world of pets and their owners. They value their customers and aim to enrich their lives by ensuring that nobody is left behind.

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A portion of every order is collected and is donated to animal rescues and shelters all across the world. By purchasing at K9 Sport Sack® dog carrier, you're helping animals and supporting the people behind the huge task of running a shelter/rescue and getting pets into loving homes. Follow our dedicated team on instagram (@k9sportsack) and facebook as we try to make the world a better place for dogs and dog owners alike.

Check out K9-Sport Sack Carriers

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The Knavigate is a combination of all the best features from K9 Sport Sack’s backpack dog carriers. Available in the widest range of sizes, XS-XL, this carrier works for small through large dogs. Each size is equipped with an internal frame as well as a padded hip belt to comfortably support more dogs/owners of all body types. The Knavigate was made for the most avid adventurers and allows for longer, more strenuous activities with your dog.

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The Trainer is an affordable, easy to use, entry-level backpack dog carrier. Available in sizes XS-L, it is ideal for smaller breeds, dogs that are still growing, training, and learning to socialize. Available in a variety of bright color options, the trainer should be used for short, non-strenuous activities like short walks, hikesbicycle rides, public transportation, and other similar activities. This carrier fits most comfortably on dog owners with a small to medium build.

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The Kolossus, formerly known as the Rover 2, is THE big dog backpack carrier that now doubles as a backpacking pack. It is ideal for carrying medium to large dogs and available in sizes L-XXL. Kolossus technology is top of the line in pet/human safety and comfort. Adjustable shoulder/torso sizing makes this backpack more suitable than ever for all body types (as long as you can withstand the weight). When you’re not carrying your 4-legged friend, the backpack easily converts to carry your gear with up to 60 liters of space. Use this backpack for strenuous hikesbike rides, and public transit.

The Air 2 is the backpack dog carrier people know best. Available in sizes XS-L, it is a durable, breathable mid-level backpack perfect for smaller to medium size dogs. The Air 2 is offered at a reasonable price while including the essential safety and comfort features needed for a comfortable experience. This backpack is recommended for intermediate grade walks, hikes, public transportation, and bike rides. The Air 2 is constructed with durable Cordura® fabric and form-fitting mesh on the sides for breathability.

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K9 Sport Sack Air 2

The Plus 2 is a backpack dog carrier with a multi-functional storage pack. The storage pack is great for bringing gear, treats, or other necessities along on your adventures. It also acts as a support for your dog’s back, pulling your pup in snuggly against your back. Available in sizes S-L, its thicker shoulder straps and padded back panel allow for more weight and strenuous activities. The Plus 2 is our most complete carrier for small to medium sized dogs and fits dog owners small to large in build.

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