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Renowned brand specializing in premium pet beds and accessories. Their products are crafted with superior quality materials and innovative designs to provide ultimate comfort and support for dogs and cats. Snooza is the go-to brand for luxurious and cozy resting solutions for your beloved pets.

Brand Story

Snooza Pet Products is a proud Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of premium, designer pet comfort products. We have been operating in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs for over 30 years.


At Snooza, we are all pet parents and have our deep understanding that they take such important roles in our families, drives us to create the best comfort products of the highest quality, always with a light touch on our planet.


As a team, we are a diverse bunch. We bring at least nine different cuisines into the lunchroom, speak over ten different languages, celebrate six different faiths and prove that age is no barrier to success. One thing unites us, though and that’s the fact that we are all pet lovers.

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SNOOZA Care for our Planet 

SNOOZA  choose to source as many materials from Australia as possible- for quality, and to reduce our carbon footprint from international transport.

Snoozafill, our fibre-fill, is made from recycled PET, (from recycled plastic drink bottles) blended with Australian made foam crumb. 

In 2019, we upgraded our cotton products to organic cotton. Our Organic Cotton Pet Futon is the first product to use this natural fibre. Organic cotton plantations use up to 80% less water than non-organic cotton.  Organic cotton does not use pesticides, or herbicides, which are not only detrimental to our planet, but also to cotton farmers.  We also believe that using organic cotton ultimately produces a better product for your pet.


In 2021, we launched the Doo Doo Good Eco Bags, fully biodegradable and compostable poop waste bags that also support assistance animal charities with 50% of sales profits. The eco bag Dispenser is made from fabric off-cuts from Snooza beds!


In 2022, we replaced most mailing satchels with a re-usable and compostable mailer, supporting circular economy and reducing plastics in landfill.

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Explore Snooza Beds

The epitome of comfort and quality for your pet. From cozy beds and blankets to interactive toys, Snooza offers stylish and durable pet products that ensure your furry friend is always living their best life.

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